When your closet is feeling drab, it’s time to change it up. Take some fashion week trends and make them your own. Some looks I’m itching to replicate this year:

Vintage silhouette jeans

I’m really looking forward to this style. Tight denim has been trending for way too long now – it’s time for a change. Anything ending with wide legs looks best if you show a bit of ankle, unless you’re wearing heels. Wear this look with some chunky mules to add vintage flavor.. Or with any shoes, really.

Fendi - Navy Wide-Leg Jeans:

Showing off the ears

Time to pin the hair back and wear some bold earrings! Most models walking down the runway had their hair tied back, tucked behind their ears, wore headbands, or had short hair. Pair this clean, elegant look with a bold accessory.

I give you feathers to wear, because you are the handsomest bird in the nest.:

Long coats

I’m kind of on the shorter side at 158cm, but I adore how long jackets or coats make people look so much more sophisticated. Try not to go for coats that go past knee-length to avoid looking too short.



I saw a couple of people wearing these shoes from Miu Miu – but with plain black ribbons on both shoes:


They look amazing! I just added it to my wish list. I know I said I wouldn’t buy as many clothes this year, but shoes can be an exception, right?