It’s good to go out and do things frequently, but it’s just as important to spend some time unwinding. It’s especially important if you have been feeling anxious or stressed about something during the week, whether it’s school, work, family or friends. Here are some simple things I do when my nerves are frayed, without spending too much cash.

Light some candles

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Candles have a way of creating a calm atmosphere, especially scented ones. I must confess that I am a candle collector. My favorites always have a hint of vanilla. Light a few up and let the smells embrace you. Just remember to place them away from anything flammable.

Face masks

Inexpensive (usually) and refreshing, face masks make you feel as though your skin is being brought back to life. After cleansing, smooth a sheet onto your face and lie down, maybe with a couple of slices of cucumber over your eyes.


Shy or Ill at Ease with People (Anxiety):

So you have your candles lit and your face mask on, but you don’t really feel like sleeping. Do some meditation to practice your mindfulness. I recently downloaded an app called ‘Stop Breathe Think: Meditate’, with meditation techniques depending on how you are feeling. Last week I was feeling really frustrated with a certain someone, and the app really helped me to let go of how I was feeling. It also helped me to get rid of the stress which had been contributing to my frustrations.

Indulge in a cup of tea or hot chocolate

Tea Coffee And Hot Chocolate

There are so many different kinds of teas, but my favorite has to be green tea. Not the normal kind either – I enjoy ones combined with brown rice, which adds a deeper flavor. There are also many types of hot chocolate drinks – you don’t always have to go for the powder ones. Add some marshmallows, cream and/or chocolate sauce for extra texture.

The small things really help, whether it feels good, or has a nice fragrance or flavor. What does your perfect relaxation routine look like?