Hi all, apologies for my late post. I just came back to New Zealand from Japan! It was great to see a change of scenery and to be immersed in a completely different culture for a while. I posted so many things on Instagram if you want to take a look at what I’ve been up to.

During my travel, I realized you really need to think about the plane flights, especially if your flights are long like mine. I want to share with everyone what should be considered before you fly, so here is a list of the main considerations.

Compare airlines / flight paths

The airline you are planning to go with is important, if you care about the service and quality of the plane. Asian airlines typically have better customer service. This time I mostly flew with Singapore Airlines and the customer service was excellent. My last flight from Singapore to New Zealand was with Air New Zealand. The plane seats were a lot more comfortable than most of the Singapore Airline ones, and most of the flight attendants were great, but there was quite a grouchy attendant (maybe the manager) who made it seem like the passengers were a burden whenever they were being served. This was my first time flying with Air New Zealand, so maybe it’s a one time thing, but it put a slight damper on the mood of the plane. In my opinion, if you want good service, it’s probably best to go with an Asian airline.

I’m so grateful that my partner and I had a layover in Singapore, otherwise the plane ride would have been way too long. It took seven to eight hours between Japan and Singapore, and about ten hours between Singapore and New Zealand. I would recommend having a stop to rest if your flight is going to be longer than ten hours in total. It may also be cheaper depending on when the flights are and where the layover is.


If you have a choice, always choose a seat that is right next to the aisle. That way, you can get up to go to the bathroom easily and walk along the aisles every now and then to relieve those muscle cramps you get from sitting down for so long.

Consider other passengers

No matter whether you are traveling by yourself or with others, you should make sure you affect the ride of other passengers as little as possible. Please make sure you have showered and deodorized yourself before getting onto the plane. It’s so horrible to be on a ten hour flight sitting next to someone who smells so badly like spicy dried sweat that every time they move you get a huge whiff and it nearly makes you gag. It is also polite to refrain from watching other people’s screens when you are sitting next to them, unless you have a mutual understanding.

Flight comfort

I find that the headrests on airplanes are extremely uncomfortable and push my head too far forwards when I lean back on the seat. To provide some support, invest in a neck pillow. I still have yet to get one with a strap to prevent it from falling off my neck, since I move around on the seat all the time.

If you are planning on sleeping on the flight, you may want to bring some earplugs in case you sit near some families with crying babies. They never stop crying on plane flights, and if there are multiple, one crying baby may become a wave of crying from all of the other babies on board.

Wear loose clothing. Tight jeans will decrease blood circulation. Some airlines will give you socks and/or slippers – if you have tight socks or shoes, change into these and your feet will thank you for it.

Phew, that is my advice/ranting over for this post. If you have any extra advice, fell free to leave a comment below.