Hi everyone,

I’ve been thinking of ways to try to contribute towards being environmentally friendly. Small things that anyone can do in their every day lives. Here is a list that I have come up with.

Sleep early

These days people are sleeping later and later. We could all use some beauty sleep, and sleeping earlier will help save on the electricity that we use for lighting and electronic devices. I have been sleeping earlier, and I wake up feeling a lot more refreshed. My skin also feels a lot clearer.

Use cold water as much as possible

To save on electricity used for heating, I only use cold water at the bathroom sink. It’s cold when I wash my face but recently I read an article about how heat is bad for your skin. I’m not sure if it’s the placebo effect, but I do feel like it’s helping. Obviously you can’t always have a cold shower. I have been trying to have showers that are warm enough, but not too hot.

Use up everything before you go and buy something new

I’m so bad at this one, I keep buying things and end up having to throw some things away. I’m especially bad with clothing, since there’s always something new out there. It’s a lot easier with skin products though. If everyone buys less things in general, it means less things will be produced, which causes less wastage.

Make sure your recyclables are clean

Dirty objects can’t be recycled, so you should rinse your containers and jars before you put them in the recycling bin. I heard that it depends on the recycling plant – some will sort and make sure things are clean, others will throw all the dirty objects away. Also, you can’t recycle pizza boxes.

That’s all I have so far. If you have any other tips, please add some comments or message me 🙂